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Wonderful landscape, turquoise blue sea, jasmine smelly narrow streets and historical stone houses is only a few unforgettable specialty of Kas. Another remarkable specialty of Kas is that a Greek island called as Meis 3 sea miles away, could be seen by naked eyes.

Kasin Turkey is everything a typical Mediterranean seaside resort should be. Whitewashed houses cascade down winding mountain roads to show the way to beautiful beaches and a harbor that reminds you that life is quite can reach it by booking a private car or vip transfer While in Kas, the best thing to do is to adapt quickly to the Mediterranean lifestyle. The town was the third stop on my South Western tour, and on my first day, I felt weary of losing my way. However, once I found a map and discovered it was impossible to get lost in the tiny coastal resort, especially with a private driver it eases up reaching to any place so fast.

Kas is 160 km away from Dalaman Airport. if prefer a taxi a which you can find outside of the airport and it could be coasty and you may find it hard to communicate your needs in an understanding level to the taxi driver, we suggest the transfer service from the airport and English speaking or any other foreign language spoken proficiently the drivers will meet you at airport and transfer you safely and as fast as possible to your destination.

Whenever you need anyassistance, we guarantee that you can reach us at the other side of any line or way reachable and you will get enough information at any time considering the time deference from each country.

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1: History of Kas

Pink bougainvillea flowers cover many houses in Kas and immediately make you notice the influence of Greek architecture in some older properties, typically the wooden shutters, narrow streets and large terraces for enjoying the mid-day sun. You may ask your private driver or regular driver to indicate the hidden spot and short cuts to enjoy your holidays. Like many towns in Turkey, there was a substantial Greek population until 1923, when there was a citizen exchange between Greece and Turkey. That was a turbulent time for the area when people were unsure of the future, but they would be proud to know Kas made a name for itself as a “must visit” Mediterranean destination in Turkey.

2: Things to Do in Kas

While Kas is a laid-back Mediterranean resort, the town is at the forefront of a popular trend. Many transfer agencies and travel companies in Kas to establish adventure activities for people of all ages, offer many activities from trekking the Lycian way to sea kayaking to paragliding. Bored kids can fill their days with cannoning, mountain bike riding or scuba diving in the clear seas surrounding Kas. Along with spending time with driver or a private tour guide, you will extended your stay in Kas because our services frequently avaible anytime with your own conditions to the private driver to enjoy surroundings towns and historical sites, making exploring easy and practicable.

3: Budget Travel & Hotel Accommodation

Kas is a well-kept town, and upon the first appearance, you may think it is unsuitable for budget travelers. Some restaurants can be pricy along with the accommodation but look a little bit further to discover cheap Turkish pensions and Lokantas that make Kas an ideal destination for those travelling on a budget.

4: How to Get to Kas

Fly into Antalya airport, which is a three-hour transfer or Dalaman airport, of which the transfer is two hours. Kas sits just off the Antalya D400 highway that runs parallel with the coast if you are driving. Public transport to Kas is frequent, cheap, and accessed from all the surrounding resorts, including Fethiye, Cirali and Antalya. But if you would like to enjoy more and have a pleasant experience without wasting your precious vacation on roads you may consider booking with a travel agency or a private transfer or a private driver.

What to expect?

As a company that provides transfer services for all cities located in Turkey, we act with a service approach focused on customer satisfaction. In this regard, we pay particular attention to meet the safety, comfort and hygienic expectations of our guests, especially the vehicles we serve.

Our vehicles which are served in our unlink tourism vehicle services offered within the framework of quality and customer satisfaction criteria, are equipped with high quality standards.

With our one day private car charting, you are able to discover the beautiful places all around by yourself, and make your trip flexible by your own conditions, and in every place you liked ,you can stay as long as you wish ,as long as the choice is yours to pick the favorite and preferred type of the car .

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Your safety is our first priority that is why rental cars periodical maintenance done on time. Child Car Seat and GPS could be supplied as an option with our rent a car service.

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